About Me
Hello everyone,

I’m Phoebie, a mum, with over 10 years’ experience as a registered pharmacist in Australia and an International Certified Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant.

Being a health professional, most parents would think that I am always perfect. BUT I’M NOT! Underneath my whitecoat uniform I’m just a normal woman – a wife to my husband and a mother to my lovely boy. I am the same as you. I have lived through all the tough times you are going through at the moment. I went through many trial and tribulations during my pregnancy. I suffered from anxiety that was brought upon by my beloved dad’s health issues and sadly his passing when I was 34 weeks pregnant. I was unable to attend his funeral due to flight restrictions. Due to severe sleep deprivation, I was diagnosed from postnatal depression with suicidal thoughts when my son was 8 weeks old. I was wondering when will this would be over? When could my little miracle sleep through the night?  How am I going to enjoy my motherhood?

I knew I needed to make changes not just for me, but for my little miracle and my family. I sought help from health professionals.

My early days of motherhood were exhausting. I would spend hours rocking, holding and feeding my son to try and settle him for naps and night-time sleeps. My little miracle and my family were suffering from this sleep deprivation. It seemed to be the source of all our problems. One of the best decisions I ever made, was hiring a sleep consultant. It changed mine, my family’s and most importantly, my little miracle’s sleeping habits that have been better ever since.

There is no manual to motherhood, which is why it’s one of the hardest jobs ever. Each baby is uniquely created and requires unique parenting. You are not a bad parent for seeking help.

Miracle Dreambaby Sleep Consultant’s mission is to educate and help parents gain the confidence and knowledge to teach your little miracles to sleep well. I am extremely passionate about what I do and strive to work together with you to achieve your parenting goals.

It is okay to seek help and I am here with you