This is not sleep training, merely laying the groundwork for healthy sleep habits that will help to prevent sleep problems in the future and it will set you up for a future of sleep success.

Suitable for a mother to be, first-time mum, pre-birth to 12 weeks.

The perfect start for new parents looking for a gentle sleep start for their baby and a great baby shower gift!

**Gift Vouchers available on request

This package includes:

  • In-depth 60 minutes phone consultation where we will discuss our plan of action, sleep environment, safe sleeping guidelines, newborn products, what to expect, realistic expectations
  • Two follow up support emails which can be used at any time during the first 4 months of baby’s age
  • Tips and tricks for settling a newborn
  • How to swaddle a baby
  • How to deal with a crying baby
  • How to settle baby in the cot
  • How to solve cat napping
  • How to minimize unhealthy sleep associations
  • How do you shush pat a baby who didn’t like to be on their side, or who has reflux
  • Tailoring healthy sleep habits to aid with correct day and night sleeping
  • Miracle Dreambaby- Sleep Consultant’s Newborn Education Packet filled with helpful information, tips, suggested routine with age-appropriate awake window, how to extend the time between feeding, frequently asked questions up to 4 months of age, cat napper routine, etc.
  • An additional AUD 20 fee will incur for international transactions

AUD 150