My 3 year old child was still having multiple wakes during the night. On average it would be 2 to 3 times a night but sometimes up to 5 times a night. Phoebie was a tremendous help. She provided a plan and wthin 2 weeks he is now sleeping through most nights!! She was always available to answer any questions and was able to adapt the plan to suit our family routines. I would highly recommend her! She is so genuine, patient and passionate! Thanks again Phoebie!!
AmyWilliam 3 yrs old-Melbourne
Well I’m not a first time mom. I had a pretty tough time getting my first to sleep and hoping things will get better if I persevere. Now that I’ve got my newborn and a toddler. Chaos doubles and I’m losing my sanity. Luckily Phoebie came to my rescue and I never look back again. Just wished I found her earlier and thanks again so much Phoebie.
S.K.Lim9 months - Perth
Working with Phoebie has been life changing for our little family! In two short weeks, our 4 month old has learnt to self settle, without a dummy and is sleeping so much better! I was dreading the so called “sleep regression” to come.

We could never get longer than 40min naps during the day, now he is able to resettle himself between sleep cycles. Ryder also started waking frequently through the night, and now we are at a 7pm bed time with only one wake for a feed between 7pm and 7am! It wasn’t an easy first few days, but with consistency and all of Phoebie’s support, we have made changes for the better! I couldn’t recommend Phoebie enough!

BrittneyRyder 14 weeks- Sydney
Phoebie has been an absolute god send! My little boy would turn into a demon in the evenings and it was really stressing me out. Now after getting help from Phoebie we are having stress free nights and much more sleep!!

Thank you Phoebie!

EmilyArcher 8 weeks- Sydney
Had a wonderful experience with Phoebie getting my 10wo to learn how to resettle after struggling to go back to sleep after the first cycle. There was never a question that went unanswered and Phoebies support during our time together was amazing! Thank you!
AshleeReuben 10 weeks- Brisbane
We had a great experience with Phoebe getting my 2yo to build his sleeping routine. Phoebe was very patient and provided excellent support through our journey. She was very responsive with all my questions. Thank you! ❤️
RainyLesley 2yrs-Sydney
We want to thank and recommend Phoebie, had a life change sleep training with her on our 6 months old twins boys. We can see a huge difference that the boys are able to sleep on their own and self settling which has made our busy life so much easier! We are so glad to have her as our babies sleep consultant!👍
Hui LiTwins Sean & Owen 18 weeks- Adelaide
Phoebie is keen to listen, understand and provide useful advise for my baby. She’s willing to work and provide support for mums like me.
JackieIsabelle 6 weeks – Sydney

Huge thanks to Phoebie for her dedicated efforts in helping our 9.5 month old son Tyler with self-settling and linking sleep cycles! After working closely with Phoebie and following her “tailor-made” schedule specific just for him, we saw great improvements after just 48 hours. No more rocking/patting/shushing/feeding to sleep!
Tyler has now been able to self-settle, link sleep cycles and sleep even more soundly than he did before. Phoebie holistically looks at each individual child as a unique being, ensuring she has a full understanding of what the barriers to sleep are, before commencing her work to bring life-changing improvements. Not to mention, she’s a warm and friendly woman who clearly loves children and helping sleep-deprived parents. A fabulous service with brilliant aftercare. Highly recommend!

SarahTyler 9.5 months-Sydney
Phoebe has been a life changer, our daughter has gone from waking every night sometimes for up to 4 hours of crying to now sleeping through the night for weeks on end. Her approach isn’t purely about sleep routines, but tailoring your child’s entire day to set them up for a good nights sleep. Have already recommended her to multiple new/expecting parents.
AlanViolet 11 months - Sydney

Phoebie has been fantastic and has helped our family through some challenging times with her caring and very knowledgeable approach. I can highly recommend Phoebie and her services!
We have worked with Phoebie three times now and most recently she helped us tweak our schedule and helped with advice on solids and finally my baby slept through the night for the first time ever without a feed!

AndreaAisla 6 weeks till 10 months-Sydney
It was an amazing experience having Phoebie helping out with my kiddo. Love her passion and patience in guiding us through! Definitely the go to person!
GC. Woon –Malaysia
Hi all just a shout out to Pheobe #miracledreambaby for helping myself and my husband learn how to best help out 11 month old to self soothe. We are so happy the our girl is sleeping well now and so grateful for the support and guidance you offered and so impressed with the knowledge and science behind it. Thankyou so much!
EmmaViolet 11 months - Sydney
We recently completed our programme with Phoebie – we had a fantastic experience and we cannot recommend her enough!

Just over a week ago, Archie was completely reliant on me for all naps and at nighttime (being fed to sleep), which included me resettling every time he woke during the night. If was in his cot, this could be every 30 mins, in our bed it was still multiple times overnight. In just over a week and just before his first birthday he’s now sleeping in his own room, in his cot, and not waking overnight needing to be breastfed to sleep.

There were definitely tears the first night, it was a big change for Archie and us, but every night/nap got easier. Now my husband can put him to bed without me being in the house and This is huge for our family ❤️ I’m also returning to work in March and this has reduced my concern with starting daycare, greatly.

With better sleep, comes a happier and hungrier baby too – he’s started eating more solids than I can provide and he’ll even happily sit in his pram and play while we’re out. Previously he wouldn’t last more than 5 minutes without me needing to carry him for the remainder of the trip.

If you’re in the position I was; hoping to return to work, looking for some time to yourself or wanting to share the sleep load, Phoebie will work wonders for your family. Our programme was completed via email and messenger communication and it couldn’t have been any easier.

Thank you Phoebie x

DeanneArcher 11 months- Sydney
Just over a week ago this beautiful lady came to my rescue and I am forever grateful. It’s taken a lot to share this and I’ve gone back and forth if I should or shouldn’t but I decided to share to raise awareness after suffering from severe sleep deprivation and post natal depression. Hudson would wake minimum 10 times a night, only to settle in arms or whilst breastfeeding.


Being a Mum to already two I just thought I needed to deal with it and my stubbornness to ask for help got the better of me. After Hudson’s 6 month check with the paediatrician he was shocked to hear how little sleep Hudson was getting, after any medical reason was ruled causing the lack of sleep I finally accepted that something had to change and I contacted Phoebie @miracledreambaby and it has been the best thing I’ve even done.


From the first night Hudson showed a massive improvement and is now only waking once a night and going to sleep independently. I was going to bed frustrated and tried and waking up feeling exactly the same, now I am finally feeling like myself again and looking forward to waking up and starting a new day. There has been hard moments yes but consistency has been the key. Phoebie and I are in contact daily and I know without her I would still be struggling. It doesn’t matter if your a new mum or been a mum before, every baby’s different seek advise and help. Happy weekend everyone ! ❤️🤱🏼Miracle Dreambaby – Sleep Consultant

ChrissyHudson 7.5 months-Sydney

We have always rocked, held and eventually patted our 25 month old to sleep. Sometimes it’ll take up to 2 hours for her to finally sleep after she requests for more milk, more books, more nursery rhymes etc and we would comply. She has always been quite strong willed and has always communicated want she wants. She would also rarely sleep throughout the night in her cot in her own room and past midnight she would be in our bed if she woke up and called for us, because we all wanted to preserve our sleep.
Bringing back a newborn and with my husband about to finish his parental leave shortly, we needed a solution ASAP.
My sister recommended Phoebie, and it was definitely a game changer, a move we should have done at least a year ago!
We have tried to implement our own sleep training in the past, but having Phoebie there on the first night and only a text or phone call away afterwards made a difference as she gave us reassurance we were on the right track and the consistency over the 2 weeks definitely made a difference.
From day 1 with Phoebie our daughter has been sleeping throughout the night and been able to self settle. Her protesting from when we say goodnight and leave her room has slowly reduced and she has been falling asleep within a shorter period of time. Who would have thought Phoebie would have been so effective in such a short period of time, but it’s worked and her techniques have been very useful for us all. She explains the scientific and behavioural reasons for things so we’re not just following a program blindly.
We have been very satisfied with Phoebie’s services, she has literally given back hours in our day and would definitely recommend her to other carers who would like some guidance on sleep for their little ones.

KarinaBronte 25 months-Sydney
Before Phoebie: Esra would only nap 20-30mins during the day… an hour if I was lucky. Sometimes she would fall asleep on her own; be fed to sleep; rocked to sleep; crazy mum pram walks or car drive MIGHT send her to sleep. But there was no consistency.

Night times were better as Esra would have 2, 1 or even 0 wake ups and would have to be fed back to sleep. If she woke up early in the night, it would take more than 30mins of rocking and we would know that there would be more wake ups to come. Esra is on the taller and heavier end of the charts and my back was suffering from all the rocking. Seeing the chiro on a weekly basis was not an ideal solution.

Phoebie and I first communicated over 3 weeks ago. I was given a questionaire to complete, and she immediately identified areas that can be rectified. In our instance, it was ensuring that the room was pitch black at EVERY nap. That immediately made a difference as Esra was able to sleep longer than 20mins 🙌 !

Once starting the routine Phoebie set out, the key was CONSISTENCY. We were consistent with our settling method, hence didn’t take long for Esra to self-settle (1-2 days). We were able to recognize the types of grizzles and cries; and Phoebie gave us the confidence to trust our gut and go with it. Now I just put her down for naps and she’s asleep within 15mins. Even if she grizzles in the middle of the night, most times she is able to self-settle. Now she has a 50/50 hit rate of sleeping through (or one wake up).

It’s been over 2 weeks since we first started and we haven’t looked back! She can sleep in her cot, car transfer was successful (that never happened), she’s even napped in other cots. I wish we sought out assistance for our 4 year old, who hit the 4 month regression and is only now sleeping through more regularly.

Phoebie is very understanding, caring and actively listens to your concerns, needs and desires. As she only wants the best for your bub and family, she will attain as much detail to gain a thorough picture of your current situation, and proceed from there. You’ll never feel alone as she keeps in regular contact with you through the whole process.

Thank you Phoebie for everything you’ve done to help Esra’s sleep routine!”

AnitaEsra 5 months- Sydney
Phoebe is absolutely wonderful!! She was genuinely interested in my bub as an individual and asked lots of questions and took into account his medical history to tailor make a plan for us!

My main issues with my son was he would only manage one sleep cycle at a time . His naps were all over the place and he had no predictable routine! I would have anxiety every night as I never knew what to expect . All I knew was I’d be up more than I slept as Jaime needed lots of nursing rocking and patting to get him too sleep. Jaime would also wake at 430 most days and I was truly exhausted. Jaime is 13 months old and i am pregnant with bub number 2 and was really struggling before I met Phoebe.

Phoebe really understood my struggles and made a plan which changed our lives. She helped me better understand wake windows and the impact of over tiredness and she helped me get my son to sleep without rocking and nursing .

My son now has a highly predictable routine and for both his naps and night sleep he can fall asleep without help from me. He has consolidated his naps incredibly well and his night sleep is amazing! No more nursing at night and if he wakes at night he wakes very little and can put himself back to sleep in minutes! We now start our days at 6-7am and bedtime is always between 6-7pm which is sooo much better as I have time in the morning to get ready in peace and at night me and hubby can spend time together something we haven’t been able to do in soo long!

I recommend this wonderful lady 100% she will change your life! She was with me every step of the way and helped me work my way through obstacles and gave me the tools I need to continue independently

NikkiJaime 12 months- Sydney
Baby Leah (9 months) was only napping three times a day for only half an hr, at different times daily! And was being fussy especially in the afternoon till bedtime! Also waking occasionally at nights for her dummy to be placed in her mouth! So I purchase the day nap consultation visit from Phoebie!

Couldn’t believe it Leah was asleep with two minutes and slept for two hours straight! She has now done it since that day and it’s been a week and a bit! She now has sleeps according to her routine and is able to self settle and replace her dummy at night! Leah is so much happier now in the afternoon!

Would fully recommend Phoebie and can’t thank her enough I have now got my own “ME TIME”. Phoebie tweaked her routine with feeds and sleeps as I was using another guide and it didn’t work on Leah, follows up with u daily which is great, and give u guidance through the whole time! And there was NO CRY IT OUT!

MelissaLeah 9 months-Sydney
A big thanks to Phoebie from Miracle Dreambaby for helping our then 4 months old nap and sleep better throughout the day. Prior to starting the sleep training, our bub was a serial catnapper. We would be lucky if he would nap for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

This was the time when i first approached Phoebie from Miracle Dreambaby. We did a 2 hour home consultation package with her. As part of this we received a customised age appropriate routine for my bub, including the suggested solid intake etc. Phoebie also explained the importance of a conducive sleeping environment, baby’s self settling & resettling techniques, linking sleep cycles etc..which all contributed to a better sleep for our son.
After following the routine that was set out by Phoebie, we were able to see improvement on Day 3 of the program where my bub napped for 2.5 hours straight, and on Day 4, he was able to sleep through the night with only 1 wake for a night feed! Knowing this is what he could achieve has definitely given us the confidence to follow through with his sleep training.
It has been 4 weeks+ now since we started the sleep training, my husband and I are proud to say that our son is now able to consistently sleep independently in his own cot and also to settle and resettle himself for all his day naps and night sleeps! Admittedly there were a few hiccups along the way – but the program has given me the confidence to tweak baby’s nap time as required to avoid having an overtired baby! Fast forward now seeing how our 5 month old is more well rested and happier as a result made everything totally worthwhile!

KellyCody 18 weeks - Sydney