Miracle Dreambaby Nap Routine



A simple e-book that you must have to take the guesswork out of your little one’s nap routine so that you can enjoy your motherhood.

Miracle Dreambaby provides you with general suggested routine guidelines that can assist you to set up a consistent routine for sleeping and feeding. Your little one’s biological clock responds much better in daily regularity.

Most of the age ranges in this guide are provided with two routine examples that you can choose!

Every baby is uniquely created so does your parenting style, please be gentle to yourself and be realistic with the sleep expectations and embrace those bitter and sweet that will come and go throughout your little one’s journey

Topic included:

  • Positive & negative sleep associations
  • Drowsy VS Tired Signs
  • Undertired VS Overtired
  • Explanation on biological sleep window
  • Extending awake window
  • Awake window guidelines
  • Age-Appropriate Suggested Routine
  • How To Wake A Sleeping Baby

*Please note that the link supplied on purchase of the guide is a once-off link, so please be ready to save it to your device.


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