My 3-year-old child was still having multiple wakes during the night. On average it would be 2 to 3 times a night but sometimes up to 5 times a night. Phoebie was a tremendous help. She provided a plan and within 2 weeks he is now sleeping through most nights!! She was always available to answer any questions and was able to adapt the plan to suit our family routines. I would highly recommend her! She is so genuine, patient, and passionate! Thanks again Phoebie!!

Amy, Melbourne
William 3 Years Old

Well I’m not a first time mom. I had a pretty tough time getting my first to sleep and hoping things will get better if I persevere. Now that I’ve got my newborn and a toddler. Chaos doubles and I’m losing my sanity. Luckily Phoebie came to my rescue and I never look back again. Just wished I found her earlier and thanks again so much Phoebie.

S.K. Lim, Perth
Baby 9 Months Old

I can’t thank Phoebie enough for everything she has done for Luca and myself! She is a baby whisperer and knows her stuff! Would recommend Phoebie to anyone who is having any sleep troubles with their babies day or night. She is worth a million dollars! And genuinely cares about every family she helps. x

Kate, Sydney
Luca 15 weeks old

I highly recommend Phoebie, my little girl is 13 months old and we have not slept a night since she was born it was another night of being awake at 2 o’clock in the morning, and wanting to I highly recommend Phoebe, my little girl is 13 months old and we have not slept a night since she was born it was another night of being awake at 2 o’clock in the morning and wanting to play until five, I have returned to work and I knew that I was in for another long day at work I got onto Facebook and started to look for sleep consultants for babies I came across a miracle dream baby and thought we have to try this.


From the first time I contacted Phoebe right until the end of my 2 weeks, she has been there every step of the way I know my little girl would still be awake at night if it wasn’t for her she is an angel sent from above I cannot thank you enough for everything she’s done for my family and to actually have decent sleep and routine is amazing thank you so much Phoebe you are a truly amazing woman and very caring about every one of my family members. I can’t thank this lady enough play until five, I have returned to work and I knew that I was in for another long day at work I got onto Facebook and started to look for sleep consultants for babies I came across a miracle dream baby and thought we have to try this.


From the first time I contacted Phoebe right until the end of my 2 weeks, she has been there every step of the way I know my little girl would still be awake at night if it wasn’t for her she is an angel sent from above I cannot thank you enough for everything she’s done for my family and to actually have decent sleep and routine is amazing thank you so much Phoebe you are a truly amazing woman and very caring about every one of my family members. I can’t thank this lady enough !!!!

Amie, Sydney
Kiara 13 months old
Phoebie is honestly a lifesaver!! We are so thankful for all that she’s done for us, all her advice and tips and tricks won’t be forgotten! We now have a happy well-rested baby! Macie now settles within minutes and resettles easily and doesn’t fight her sleep anymore! We can’t recommend Phoebie enough! 💗💗💗
Lauren, Sydney
Macie 8 weeks old
We want to thank and recommend Phoebie, had a life change sleep training with her on our 6 months old twins boys. We can see a huge difference that the boys are able to sleep on their own and self settling which has made our busy life so much easier! We are so glad to have her as our babies sleep consultant!👍
HuiLi, Adelaide
Twins Sean & Owen 18 Weeks Old
Phoebie is keen to listen, understand and provide useful advise for my baby. She’s willing to work and provide support for mums like me.
Jackie, Sydney
Isabelle 6 Weeks Old
Phoebie has been fantastic and has helped our family through some challenging times with her caring and very knowledgeable approach. I can highly recommend Phoebie and her services!
We have worked with Phoebie three times now and most recently she helped us tweak our schedule and helped with advice on solids and finally my baby slept through the night for the first time ever without a feed!
Andrea, Sydney
Aisla 6 Weeks – 10 Months Old
It was an amazing experience having Phoebie helping out with my kiddo. Love her passion and patience in guiding us through! Definitely the go-to person!
GC. Woon, Malaysia

Phoebe has been a life changer, our daughter has gone from waking every night sometimes for up to 4 hours of crying to now sleeping through the night for weeks on end. Her approach isn’t purely about sleep routines, but tailoring your child’s entire day to set them up for a good nights sleep. Have already recommended her to multiple new/expecting parents.

Alan, Sydney
Violet 11 Months Old

We recently completed our programme with Phoebie – we had a fantastic experience and we cannot recommend her enough!

Just over a week ago, Archie was completely reliant on me for all naps and at nighttime (being fed to sleep), which included me resettling every time he woke during the night. If was in his cot, this could be every 30 mins, in our bed, it was still multiple times overnight. In just over a week and just before his first birthday he’s now sleeping in his own room, in his cot, and not waking overnight needing to be breastfed to sleep.

There were definitely tears the first night, it was a big change for Archie and us, but every night/nap got easier. Now my husband can put him to bed without me being in the house and This is huge for our family ❤️ I’m also returning to work in March and this has reduced my concern with starting daycare, greatly.

With better sleep, comes a happier and hungrier baby too – he’s started eating more solids than I can provide and he’ll even happily sit in his pram and play while we’re out. Previously he wouldn’t last more than 5 minutes without me needing to carry him for the remainder of the trip.

If you’re in the position I was; hoping to return to work, looking for some time to yourself, or wanting to share the sleep load, Phoebie will work wonders for your family. Our programme was completed via email and messenger communication and it couldn’t have been any easier.

Thank you Phoebie x

Deanne, Sydney
Archer 11 Months Old
I cannot imagine what my mental health would be if I hadn’t contact Phoebie when our boy stayed awake longer than his awake window and struggle to fall asleep. As a first-time mum, I’ve always wanted our baby to have a healthy sleeping habit and when bub doesn’t sleep or finding hard to sleep, I get really tensed and anxious. The overtiredness, unsettledness, fussiness of a baby is no fun and it made us sleep deprived too.
I’ve had read so much about baby sleep, they were all well in theories but without a professional’s help to explain the science behind it – it’s pointless!
Prior to implementing Phoebie’s suggested routine, our then 3mths+ bub (4w/o corrected age) would sometimes stay awake longer than 4hrs during the night. I know that’s a no-no for a newborn to stay awake for that long and I was at my wits end not knowing what to do. Even then, after receiving Phoebie’s plan – I couldn’t bring myself to put bub to bed around 7 pm as it was too early. Our boy will not have the chance to bond with dad as dad comes home late from work so that won’t do.
After my phone consultation with Phoebie, I’ve learned so much from her about baby sleep and I started being more consistent with the routine and I can see improvements within 10 days! By the 2nd week, our boy (7w/o corrected age) started sleeping through the night with 2 dream feedings and the next month bub dropped the night feedings slept from 7/8pm-7:30am! That’s a huge win for us! 🌟
Though Phoebie is not physically here in Melbourne to guide us through but her phone consultation was very helpful! Phoebie had helped me and I can’t thank her enough. Phoebie had helped us lay a healthy sleep foundation for our boy, it’s been more than 3 months since we last spoke – no matter how bad of a day we had with our bub during the day he will have no issue falling asleep at night and sleep through ♥️
Thanks so much once again, Phoebie! I’m so glad I made that contact in January, through your help we have ourselves a solid sleeper😊

Genji, Mlebourne
Jaz 4 -12 Weeks Old
We have always rocked, held and eventually patted our 25 month old to sleep. Sometimes it’ll take up to 2 hours for her to finally sleep after she requests for more milk, more books, more nursery rhymes etc and we would comply. She has always been quite strong willed and has always communicated want she wants. She would also rarely sleep throughout the night in her cot in her own room and past midnight she would be in our bed if she woke up and called for us, because we all wanted to preserve our sleep.
Bringing back a newborn and with my husband about to finish his parental leave shortly, we needed a solution ASAP.
My sister recommended Phoebie, and it was definitely a game changer, a move we should have done at least a year ago!
We have tried to implement our own sleep training in the past, but having Phoebie there on the first night and only a text or phone call away afterwards made a difference as she gave us reassurance we were on the right track and the consistency over the 2 weeks definitely made a difference.
From day 1 with Phoebie our daughter has been sleeping throughout the night and been able to self settle. Her protesting from when we say goodnight and leave her room has slowly reduced and she has been falling asleep within a shorter period of time. Who would have thought Phoebie would have been so effective in such a short period of time, but it’s worked and her techniques have been very useful for us all. She explains the scientific and behavioural reasons for things so we’re not just following a program blindly.
We have been very satisfied with Phoebie’s services, she has literally given back hours in our day and would definitely recommend her to other carers who would like some guidance on sleep for their little ones.
Karina, Sydney
Bronte 25 Months Old
I contacted Phoebie after another night of my 4 month old son waking every 45 minutes to have his dummy put back in to help him get back to sleep. We’d been surviving on sleep like this for what seemed like an eternity. I was always tired, grumpy, argumentative with everyone. Everything annoyed me because I was sleep deprived. Joel catnapped throughout the day, sometimes sleeping 2 sleep cycles – I guess cos he was so tired! Or missing sleep and then awake for hours. I was also trying to do too much and not paying attention to what Joel needed.
We gave Joel a dummy whilst still in hospital, when he was only 3 days old. He’d taken to it like a duck to water and we were so grateful for the peace it offered after clusterfeeding and not being able to settle him. However, he became so dependant on it. He would cry after his bottle for it, he needed it in the car (the amount of times I pulled over to run around to put it back in is ridiculous 🙄) he needed it to sleep. So when the 4 month sleep regression hit, I knew we were in trouble.
I read everything I could get my hands on about baby sleep, naps, dark rooms, noise machines, ditch the dummy, overtired/undertired.. omg.. I was overwhelmed and confused myself!
I knew Joel should be napping, but as a first time mum and not having spent a lot of time around babies I had no idea where to start. People I knew had used sleep consultants and had success but I was like “will this really help?” “Can I listen to him cry without the dummy and not give in?” 😬
I messaged Phoebie at 6am one morning, crying because I couldn’t go on. My partner works shift work, one week of days the next of overnights so I’m on my own with Joel a lot.
Pheobie messaged back within a hour or 2. Reassured Me, told me she could help.
We had set up a phone call and I felt better already.
When Phoebie sent through the sleep plan and all the information, I got worried and thought I can’t do this, when do I get to do things like shower and eat because it all seemed to be on a schedule for Joel. But once I read through it properly and understood it I realised I was going to have more time to do things for me and we were going to get real sleep so I would be a better mum to Joel!
We commenced the plan and the first night Joel went off to sleep without too much complaint! I thought Omg.. I’ve got this!
Until day 3 hit and Joel cried all day 😭 I cried all day 😭 and wondered what have I done?!
Phoebie was there the whole time, championing us on, giving feedback and reassurance! She was amazing!
We got through day 3 and on day 4 I didn’t want to get up and start the day. I was scared. But it was like something clicked for both Joel and I, and all of a sudden the crying stopped! He whinged a little but within minutes off to sleep! I couldn’t believe it!
2 weeks later, Joel has 3 naps a day, he gets excited when I put his sleep suit on, loves the routine and is sleeping 10-11 hours at night with 1 feed most nights!
I get time during the day to do things and I eat a hot dinner every night now!
I can’t thank Pheobie enough for her help, guidance, reassurance and care!
I highly recommended her to my mother’s group for when they may need sleep help and would call on her for help again!
If you are at all doubting whether or not to get going, then stop! Just do it and you won’t look back!
Yasmine, Melbourne
Joel 5 months old

I highly recommend Phoebie ! She is amazing at what she does! My 6.5 month old was never a ‘good sleeper’ but from 3 months on he struggled to stay asleep for longer than 30mins at a time. Even at night! This led to us co-sleeping and him being nursed back to sleep every 45mins to an hour during the night and only cat naps during the day. He had always been fed to sleep or rocked to sleep. He even struggled to fall asleep in his pram! It was when I started dozing off while nursing him that I realised that this isn’t just hard, it’s also unsafe. I was literally unable to stay awake to feed him back to sleep. I’ll be honest, I read and looked into everything and thought “what could a sleep consultant do or tell me that I haven’t already tried or read about!?”… but it was getting harder and harder and finally I gave in.

Phoebie was incredible. Very understanding of our birth journey and extremely patient and encouraging. I never expected a baby who would sleep through the night but on night 2 I only had one wake up and bub slept a full night. It was weird! 2 weeks later these much longer stretches of sleep at night are becoming the norm and his day sleeps are improving more and more each day. Phoebie is realistic, knowledgeable and caring. She spends a lot of time trying to get to know your baby and tweaks her approach as she learns more about their needs. If you ask what’s the secret… there’s no point sharing because what works for my bub will be different to what works for yours. Phoebie will be there to help you work that out though and from one skeptical Mum I can truly say that it has made all the difference! Thank you Phoebie!!

Cheryl, Sydney

Oliver 6.5 months old

Phoebe is absolutely wonderful!! She was genuinely interested in my bub as an individual and asked lots of questions and took into account his medical history to tailor make a plan for us!

My main issues with my son was he would only manage one sleep cycle at a time . His naps were all over the place and he had no predictable routine! I would have anxiety every night as I never knew what to expect . All I knew was I’d be up more than I slept as Jaime needed lots of nursing rocking and patting to get him too sleep. Jaime would also wake at 430 most days and I was truly exhausted. Jaime is 13 months old and i am pregnant with bub number 2 and was really struggling before I met Phoebe.

Phoebe really understood my struggles and made a plan which changed our lives. She helped me better understand wake windows and the impact of over tiredness and she helped me get my son to sleep without rocking and nursing .

My son now has a highly predictable routine and for both his naps and night sleep he can fall asleep without help from me. He has consolidated his naps incredibly well and his night sleep is amazing! No more nursing at night and if he wakes at night he wakes very little and can put himself back to sleep in minutes! We now start our days at 6-7am and bedtime is always between 6-7pm which is sooo much better as I have time in the morning to get ready in peace and at night me and hubby can spend time together something we haven’t been able to do in soo long!

I recommend this wonderful lady 100% she will change your life! She was with me every step of the way and helped me work my way through obstacles and gave me the tools I need to continue independently.

Nikki, Sydney

Jaimie 12 Months Old

I sought Phoebie’s help with my four-month-old’s sleep as I wanted to set up our family for success and learn how I can help support my catnapping baby. When I hired Phoebie my little one was sleeping only on me during the day and in 3 hour blocks at night.
Phoebie interviewed me and really got to know me and my baby as well as what type of sleep training would work best for our family. With my baby’s temperament in mind, we made a plan and set it into place. After a period of a few weeks my baby is able to self-settle and re-settle but most importantly I now have the confidence and skills to continue to be there for my baby with his sleep needs. Phoebie is a miracle worker as she not only helps babies but also empowers and educates parents. I am so grateful for her help.
Zlata, Sydney
Denis 16 Weeks Old
I highly recommend Phoebie!
I was an extremely sleep deprived mumma who had given up and felt like I’d exhausted all of my options when it came to bedtime with my son.
My boy is almost 9 months old. Since he was around 3 months old I was co-sleeping, waking up every hour to hour and a half to feed during the night, and waking up between 4-5 every morning with a very unhappy baby.
As of two weeks ago my boy sleeps in his cot. Wakes for two feeds a night. Settles himself and needs to be woken in the mornings. He is a completely different baby. He is literally a dream baby.
I had a full night consult with phoebie on the 7/06/21, and since that first night my boy has accomplished all of the things I’ve spoken about above. It has saved my mental and physical to say the least. She is an extremely kind and compassionate person who helps you through the whole process step by step ensuring you are happy and comfortable when it comes to implementing the techniques. Her methods made me feel comfortable and confident which helped with being patient and consistent during the process of sleep training and routine, it was by far the best thing I have ever done.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️
Kaitlyn, Wollongong
Knox 8.5 Months Old

My 6month old was waking me 1-2 hours overnight & would only go back to sleep by feeding. This started at the 4 month regression, so for two straight months I was exhausted, overwhelmed and irritable. I had no time for my other son, my husband or even myself. My evenings started at 6pm trying to get him to sleep (In our bed mind you, as we were co-sleeping) and stay asleep – which never worked. So I ended up in bed with him from 8pm. My mental health was taking a toll! I reached out to Phoebie after a friend of mine had some success with her son and I thought what could we lose? We booked the half night consult. In less than two weeks, my son now sleeps in his own bed, in the first few days he did 6/7pm to 6.30am with just one overnight feed – and still does! I can actually rest, unwind and enjoy my evenings now. My husband and I run out of things to watch! I tried other programs in the past but I found they weren’t tailored to us. Phoebie takes a holistic approach and has taught us so much about diet, awake windows, different types of cries and different temperaments. She presented an 8 page booklet of information and suggestions + a routine just for my boy! Knowing she was only a text or call away for any help or troubleshooting was comforting. For me most importantly, she’s given me the confidence to give my baby the opportunity to learn to self settle/resettle and to stay consistent. It is NOT a Cry It Out method which I was really uncomfortable with. Phoebie’s service is gentle, present and reassuring all whilst allowing the opportunity for your little one to learn.  We are so grateful to Phoebie for being there for us and for getting our son and family the rest we all need. If sleep is important to you, the price is small compared to what you gain.

Kathleen, Sydney

Tiago 6 months old

I reached out out Phoebie after a close friend recommended her. She gave us the knowledge and confidence to teach our 3 month old to self settle and fall asleep independently. It was something I wanted her to learn early on, being our second kid and knowing the importance for her (and I!) She was so supportive all the way through. We now have a baby girl whose happily placed in her cot and falls asleep independently. She’s even fallen asleep laying on her play mat with her loud brother playing around her and on the trampoline outside while I was hanging the washing out. Phoebie and our little babe are stars

Jessica, Sydney

Zoe 14 weeks old

Oliver was never a great sleeper but at 18 months his whole world turned upside down and he became a big brother which unfortunately worsened his sleep We battled through 2 whole months of extreme sleep deprivation before reaching out to Phoebie and my only regret is that I wish we had contacted her sooner! Oliver’s sleep issues included not being able to fall asleep without us next to him, waking up multiple times during the night, taking ages to resettle falling back asleep and he would end up co-sleeping with us in bed. It didn’t take him long at all to adjust & a week into our program, his sleep habits have improved 100% I didn’t think I’d see a full 12 hour sleep from him until his teen years Thank you so much Phoebie for teaching the techniques, empowering us with the information and improving our confidence as parents you have been amazing.

Dee, Melbourne

Oliver 19 months

We contacted Phoebie when our son hit his 4 month regression. We struggled a lot with his sleep, he would be rocked and carried to sleep. He would cat nap throughout the day and the only way he would sleep longer was if we held him. He would wake up every 1-2 hours overnight. We were so exhausted! We originally purchased a sleep training guide but we still struggled with it as it didn’t suit us as we needed someone to guide us through it all. The 2nd day into our sleep training our son napped for 2 hours. We were so shocked! I didn’t think we would see results this fast! Phoebie was amazing throughout the whole process, she would guide through it all and offer us endless support! She gave us so many useful helpful tips, we learnt so much from her! It’s been over a month since we started the program and it’s honestly been such a life so changer! I’m forever thankful for her guidance and support and would highly recommend her to my friends and family and to anyone who is struggling with their babies sleep! Thanks again Phoebie!

Kim, Melbourne

Alexander 17 weeks

Phoebie came to help us when our baby was only sleeping for 30 minutes each nap during the day and waking multiple times at night. We were rocking or feeding to sleep and it was exhausting. We had a few bumps along the way but once we got the all clear from our doctor we made sure we were consistent with our new routine and it has worked wonders. Phoebie was great in adapting to our parenting style and our baby’s temperament.
Eloise now settles herself to sleep, resettles through her sleep cycles and is only waking once at night. We have a happier baby who is thriving and getting the sleep she needs.
Thank you so much Phoebie the work you do is wonderful!

Carolyn, Sydney

Eloise 14 weeks old

I can’t stress enough on how important it is to invest in baby sleep. I waited 3 long months ,full with lack of sleep only to contact Phoebie at 3 am. She then send me a full sleep plan adjusted to my baby’s temperament. I can’t believe how quick the results came only by following Phoebie’s advises and guidance. After 10 days my 4 month old daughter is sleeping 12 hours and does 10 hour stretch between bottle milk. Me and my family sleep so much better now thanks to miracle dreambaby. Thank you for your advices.

Martina, Scotland

Victoria 14 weeks old

Working with Phoebie has been life-changing for our little family! Our 4-month-old has learned to self-settle in two short weeks without a dummy and is sleeping so much better! I was dreading the so-called “sleep regression” to come.

We could never get longer than 40min naps during the day, now he can resettle himself between sleep cycles. Ryder also started waking frequently through the night, and now we are at a 7 pm bedtime with only one wake for a feed between 7 pm and 7 am! It wasn’t an easy first few days, but with consistency and all of Phoebie’s support, we have made changes for the better! I couldn’t recommend Phoebie enough!

Brittney, Sydney
Ryder 14 Weeks Old

Phoebie has been an absolute god send! My little boy would turn into a demon in the evenings and it was really stressing me out. Now after getting help from Phoebie we are having stress-free nights and much more sleep!!

Thank you Phoebie!

Emily, Sydney
Archer 8 Weeks Old

Baby Leah (9 months) was only napping three times a day for only half an hr, at different times daily! And was being fussy especially in the afternoon till bedtime! Also waking occasionally at nights for her dummy to be placed in her mouth! So I purchase the day nap consultation visit from Phoebie!

Couldn’t believe it Leah was asleep for two minutes and slept for two hours straight! She has now done it since that day and it’s been a week and a bit! She now has slept according to her routine and is able to self settle and replace her dummy at night! Leah is so much happier now in the afternoon!

Would fully recommend Phoebie and can’t thank her enough I have now got my own “ME TIME”. Phoebie tweaked her routine with feeds and sleeps as I was using another guide and it didn’t work on Leah, follows up with u daily which is great, and gives u guidance through the whole time! And there was NO CRY IT OUT!

Melissa, Sydney
Leah 9 months old
My 15 weeks old was a cat napper and highly dependent on a dummy for sleep. He didn’t know how to self-soothe as we always used to put dummy. It was easy for us, especially after breastfeed as he needed to soothe himself. But when he was nearly 12 weeks old he started sleeping for just 30 minutes. No more than that. It was really hectic for me as I couldn’t even do a single thing in a day. Then I contacted Phoebie.
She is such an angel 👼She helped us to understand our baby. Within 2 weeks not only he dropped the dummy but he started to self settle and resettle by himself in the cot without using the cry it out method. Phoebie’s approach is simple, you only need to trust her as being a parent this process is hard in starting but once you do it, you will be relieved in long run. My baby not only slept by himself within minutes without any cries, but his awake window has also improved, his feed has improved tremendously and so his body weight.
So, A big thanks to Phoebie for doing such a wonderful job 👏🏻👏🏻and helping parents like me who come from an orthodox.
Always grateful to Phoebie. 😊
Nitika, Sydney
Arjun 15 weeks old

Had a wonderful experience with Phoebie getting my 10wo to learn how to resettle after struggling to go back to sleep after the first cycle. There was never a question that went unanswered and Phoebies support during our time together was amazing! Thank you!

Ashlee, Brisbane
Reuben 10 Weeks Old
We had a great experience with Phoebe getting my 2yo to build his sleeping routine. Phoebe was very patient and provided excellent support through our journey. She was very responsive with all my questions. Thank you! ❤️
Lesley, Sydney
Lesley 2 Years Old
Huge thanks to Phoebie for her dedicated efforts in helping our 9.5 month old son Tyler with self-settling and linking sleep cycles! After working closely with Phoebie and following her “tailor-made” schedule specific just for him, we saw great improvements after just 48 hours. No more rocking/patting/shushing/feeding to sleep!
Tyler has now been able to self-settle, link sleep cycles and sleep even more soundly than he did before. Phoebie holistically looks at each individual child as a unique being, ensuring she has a full understanding of what the barriers to sleep are, before commencing her work to bring life-changing improvements. Not to mention, she’s a warm and friendly woman who clearly loves children and helping sleep-deprived parents. A fabulous service with brilliant aftercare. Highly recommend!
Sarah, Sydney
Tyler 9.5 Months Old
Hi all just a shout out to Pheobe #miracledreambaby for helping myself and my husband learn how to best help out 11-month-old to self-soothe. We are so happy our girl is sleeping well now and so grateful for the support and guidance you offered and so impressed with the knowledge and science behind it. Thank you so much!
Emma, Sydney
Violet 11 Months Old

Just over a week ago this beautiful lady came to my rescue and I am forever grateful. It’s taken a lot to share this and I’ve gone back and forth if I should or shouldn’t but I decided to share to raise awareness after suffering from severe sleep deprivation and post natal depression. Hudson would wake minimum of 10 times a night, only to settle in arms or whilst breastfeeding.

Being a Mum to already two I just thought I needed to deal with it and my stubbornness to ask for help getting the better of me. After Hudson’s 6 monthly checks with the pediatrician, he was shocked to hear how little sleep Hudson was getting, after any medical reason was ruled causing the lack of sleep I finally accepted that something had to change and I contacted Phoebie @miracledreambaby and it has been the best thing I’ve ever done.

From the first night, Hudson showed a massive improvement and is now only waking once a night and going to sleep independently. I was going to bed frustrated and tried and waking up feeling exactly the same, now I am finally feeling like myself again and looking forward to waking up and starting a new day. There have been hard moments yes but consistency has been the key. Phoebie and I are in contact daily and I know without her I would still be struggling. It doesn’t matter if your a new mum or been a mum before, every baby’s different seek advice and help. Happy weekend everyone! ❤️🤱🏼Miracle Dreambaby – Sleep Consultant

Chrissy, Sydney
Hudson 7.5 Months Old
I highly recommend Phoebie. We had an 11 month old who used to wake every 2-3 hours all night every night and I was exhausted. She created a plan that worked around my other kids school drop off and pick ups and helped us implement it. She held our hand through the whole process and was very supportive. She never made us do anything we weren’t comfortable with.
Baby now sleeps from 7pm-6:30am (started from night 2) with no wake ups! She’s a much happier baby and I’m a much better mummy!
The best thing is that the knowledge she has given me has meant I can be flexible when needed and adjust sleep times slightly to meet our needs without it affecting anything.
Very highly recommended!!
Ranya, Sydney
Layla 11 Months Old

My 5month old son had been a serial catnapper since 4months, sleeping for 30 minute periods during the day and wasn’t getting the sleep he needed. I turned to phoebie who developed a specialised plan and we put it into place. He dropped the dummy and on day one forgot all about it.. something that I was dreading but actually realised it wasn’t that bad. After three days he was taking longer naps and I didn’t know what to do with myself because I now had so much time. It was such a pleasure working with phoebie she definitely made the process easier and supported me through it with daily follow ups. I now have the knowledge and confidence to ensure that my son is getting the sleep he requires❤️

Rachel, Regional NSW
Sutton 5 Months Old

Before Phoebie: Esra would only nap 20-30mins during the day… an hour if I was lucky. Sometimes she would fall asleep on her own; be fed to sleep; rocked to sleep; crazy mum pram walks or car drive MIGHT send her to sleep. But there was no consistency.

Night times were better as Esra would have 2, 1 or even 0 wake ups and would have to be fed back to sleep. If she woke up early in the night, it would take more than 30mins of rocking and we would know that there would be more wake ups to come. Esra is on the taller and heavier end of the charts and my back was suffering from all the rocking. Seeing the chiro on a weekly basis was not an ideal solution.

Phoebie and I first communicated over 3 weeks ago. I was given a questionaire to complete, and she immediately identified areas that can be rectified. In our instance, it was ensuring that the room was pitch black at EVERY nap. That immediately made a difference as Esra was able to sleep longer than 20mins 🙌 !

Once starting the routine Phoebie set out, the key was CONSISTENCY. We were consistent with our settling method, hence didn’t take long for Esra to self-settle (1-2 days). We were able to recognize the types of grizzles and cries; and Phoebie gave us the confidence to trust our gut and go with it. Now I just put her down for naps and she’s asleep within 15mins. Even if she grizzles in the middle of the night, most times she is able to self-settle. Now she has a 50/50 hit rate of sleeping through (or one wake up).

It’s been over 2 weeks since we first started and we haven’t looked back! She can sleep in her cot, car transfer was successful (that never happened), she’s even napped in other cots. I wish we sought out assistance for our 4 year old, who hit the 4 month regression and is only now sleeping through more regularly.

Phoebie is very understanding, caring and actively listens to your concerns, needs and desires. As she only wants the best for your bub and family, she will attain as much detail to gain a thorough picture of your current situation, and proceed from there. You’ll never feel alone as she keeps in regular contact with you through the whole process.

Thank you Phoebie for everything you’ve done to help Esra’s sleep routine!”

Anita, Sydney
Esra 5 Months Old
My daughter is 2 and she never sleep through the night. If she wakes up twice a night is consider a good night for us. A bad night can be waking up every hour through out the night and have to breast feed to sleep. Some night she will be awake around 4am and wanted to read books, breast feed then back to sleep. For a mum who work full time 5 to 6 days a week, I am eventually too exhausted to have time for myself and my husband. I am also find I am losing patience too.
So just a week before she turns 2, I have decided it is time for a change. She needs to stop breastfeeding, stop dummy, sleep in her own room and sleep through the night. Some might says it is harsh to her to do all these at once but I think since I am doing it I might as well do it all at once at least she don’t need to go through the process one after another. So I have decided to approach Phoebie and sign up the 2 weeks sleep program. Under Phoebie’s help and guidance, just 2 weeks it make tremendous change on my daughter’s sleep and I have my life back. My daughter now can sleep through even though when we travelling in a different environment.
Thank you Phoebie for being there all the time and supportive. Without your help and support I don’t think I can even do this! I strongly recommend Phoebie to anyone having issue with their baby’s sleep.
Julie, Adelaide
Ella 2 years old

Wow! A giant thank you to Phoebie from Miracle Dreambaby. Our 5 month old, Cruz was a serial cat napper and woke a minimum of 10 times a night. My husband and I were constantly on edge, dreading going to sleep for always frustrated with each other. I was so skeptical on getting Phoebie in as I didn’t want to spend all that money and have no change but, sleep deprivation got to us so we thought nothing could get worse.
The day Phoebie was due to attend our house for the 6pm-11pm session she advised us what nap times to make our son have and to do everything possible to ensure he had a 2 hour lunch nap, to reduce him being over tired for night time.

Night 1, Phoebie my husband and myself sitting in the kitchen waiting for his constant wake ups and they didn’t come ( we ditched his dummy also ). Cruz only woke twice for a bottle.The second day he conquered the lunch nap, woke once and resettled himself.
NIGHT 2 HE SLEPT 12 HOURS STRAIGHT !! I could not believe my eyes. He also did this on night 3. Now 3 out of 5 nights Cruz had slept 12 hours a night. He has learnt to resettle himself and self soothe. My husband and I are finally getting some much needed sleep and Cruz is a much happier baby during his awake times. We are so happy we decided to put the money in and get Phoebie out, her guidance through this time has helped so much and we couldn’t have done it without her.

If you need help, don’t second guess speaking with Phoebe, she is so easy to speak with, polite and even loved my 4 year old. She is worth every penny and I would recommend her to anyone with sleep deprivation or just simply needing help to get a routine going.

Jess, Sydney
Cruz 5 months old

A big thanks to Phoebie from Miracle Dreambaby for helping our then 4 months old nap and sleep better throughout the day. Prior to starting the sleep training, our bub was a serial catnapper. We would be lucky if he would nap for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

This was the time when i first approached Phoebie from Miracle Dreambaby. We did a 2 hour home consultation package with her. As part of this we received a customised age appropriate routine for my bub, including the suggested solid intake etc. Phoebie also explained the importance of a conducive sleeping environment, baby’s self settling & resettling techniques, linking sleep cycles etc..which all contributed to a better sleep for our son.
After following the routine that was set out by Phoebie, we were able to see improvement on Day 3 of the program where my bub napped for 2.5 hours straight, and on Day 4, he was able to sleep through the night with only 1 wake for a night feed! Knowing this is what he could achieve has definitely given us the confidence to follow through with his sleep training.

It has been 4 weeks+ now since we started the sleep training, my husband and I are proud to say that our son is now able to consistently sleep independently in his own cot and also to settle and resettle himself for all his day naps and night sleeps! Admittedly there were a few hiccups along the way – but the program has given me the confidence to tweak baby’s nap time as required to avoid having an overtired baby! Fast forward now seeing how our 5 month old is more well rested and happier as a result made everything totally worthwhile!

Kelly, Sydney

Cody 18 weeks old

Pheobie is amazing! My 22month old toddler was:
-taking an hour to get to sleep each night
-waking every 2 hours each night
-would only fall asleep with parent present
-waking up at 4-5am every morning!
-only napping for 1/2 hour – an hour each day
We learnt so much from Pheobie! She helped us understand our baby’s sleep.
We saw results immediately, the night she came! And within just 2 weeks, he was:
-going to sleep by himself
-resettling himself during the night
-sleeping 12 hours overnight!
-resettling himself at nap time to sleep a total of 90 minutes most days
We cannot thank Pheobie enough for turning our lives around. She is so lovely to work with and so helpful throughout the whole process!
I recommend that other families seek help from her!
Emily, Sydney
Harvey 22 Months Old
We worked with Pheobie to help our 26mo with his night time sleep. It would take us up to an hour to get him to go to sleep and we would have to sit right next to him and often be touching him. And then he would wake within a few hours and come into our bed to sleep the rest of the night.
Within 2 weeks we can now put him to bed, leave the room, he stays in bed with no complaining and can be asleep within 5 minutes!!! He then sleeps in his own bed straight through the night most nights!
The techniques worked great for us and our son responded really well and is now happy to go to bed! 😍
Jay, Regional Victoria
Archie 26 months old
Phoebie came to help us when our baby was only sleeping for 30 minutes each nap during the day and waking multiple times at night. We were rocking or feeding to sleep and it was exhausting.
We had a few bumps along the way but once we got the all clear from our doctor we made sure we were consistent with our new routine and it has worked wonders. Phoebie was great in adapting to our parenting style and our baby’s temperament.
Eloise now settles herself to sleep, resettles through her sleep cycles and is only waking once at night. We have a happier baby who is thriving and getting the sleep she needs.
Thank you so much Phoebie the work you do is wonderful 😊
Carolyn, Sydney
Eloise 18 weeks old

Before seeing pheobie for 11 months my son had mainly co-slept with us. He woke for a minimum 2 bottles a night and would wake countless times in between stirring. I felt I had tried everything I could. From a bad run with silent reflux from 8 weeks old, I thought I literally would never get a full night sleep again. I was so sleep deprived, irritable, impatient and just not very nice to be around because I was just so tired every minute of the day. I was so reluctant to contact pheobie and ask for help but I felt I had tried everything else. I can literally say I owe her everything. My mental health, my marriage, my relationship with my son is now a million times better. From 3 days in my son has slept 12 hours straight with NO WAKE UPS IN HIS COT, not even a bottle. Not only has she provided me with a sleep routine that has changed my life she got me on the right track in terms of nutrition for him. I can’t recommend pheobie enough to anyone that is seeking help for sleeping. We are the happiest we have ever been. The ongoing support daily throughout the day as we navigated naps has been extraordinary and she really has gone above and beyond to provide the best help possible. I have felt so at ease and comfortable with the entire process. Im just so grateful and thankful for the guidance and support. You literally can’t put a price on it.

Jessica, Sydney

Petey 11 Months Old

Highly recommended!! I was hesitant to get a sleep consultant but I saw Phoebie’s insta reels and even her contents are really helpful! Phoebie replies to me whenever I have a question or any problems I had during the day. She was able to respond and help me tweak the sleep schedule if it doesn’t go as plan. Consistency definitely is the key!! In saying that, I’m still able to go out with bub and enjoy being out of lockdown without compromising her sleep times. It’s good to know that sleep training isn’t about letting baby cry it out, it’s her awake times and nutrition too (specially is your bub is on solids). My baby went on co sleeping using a dummy plus multiple night wakes to sleeping in the cot and settling herself back to sleep without use of a dummy. I am now able to watch tv shows with my husband again at night and spend quality time together. At the same time, bub and I are getting more sleep hence very much happier!

Abigail, Sydney

Avya 6 months old

100% recommend Phoebie! I reached out to her with my regressing catnapping 4 months old and have learnt so much! In just over 2 weeks my Bub was taking longer naps and self settling (+resettling) for all sleep times! Her personalised timetable and guidance definitely pulled us through!
Thank you Phoebie! Looking forward to chatting again when we start solids

Anika, Sydney

Eliyah 16 weeks old

I did not believe in sleep training. I know it can be a debatable topic but the anxiety of creating stress for my baby with the idea that she would go through a hard time so my husband and I could sleep was the correlation I had with sleep training. I think I was in denial about the fact that it wasn’t going to be a stress free experience for me in particular. No part of sleep training is cry free. Crying is how our nonverbal children communicate. Until Phoebie was recommended by a like minded mum friend, I was too “concerned” to attempt anything like sleep training even though it had got to the point that my 13month old was waking almost hourly. With the confidence and proof in the results my friend had with Phoebie, I figured it was now or never. Like most mums I can imagine who have done sleep training say “why didn’t I do this earlier”. The whole process I couldn’t fault. Phoebie covered everything and was there everyday with feedback throughout the process. Phoebie’s knowledge and experience allowed the correct sleep training method to be implemented and work. No mucking around back and forth with the right method, you provide the requested information and she provides the guidance. She makes it seem so simple yet you couldn’t do it without her. It is the fact that you do go through something that can be a bit uncomfortable for a moment but feel confident and safe doing so because Phoebie provides you with the tools you need to feel that. The crying part which scared me the most was less than what we’ve experienced on an average exhausted day before sleep training. And that I believe is because of the method Phoebie suggests to suit you and your child.

We are all now sleeping through the night. My now 14 month old is sleeping 11-12 hours a night and 2hours of naps throughout the day. I honestly would think witchcraft if I wasn’t a part of the process and the knowledge Phoebie provides. On top of the added hours, we are also eating better than ever. Sleeping and eating go hand in hand. Because of the combination my child had dropped excessive milk feeds and eats whole foods 5 times a day. I couldn’t be happier with the results and though I know there will be hiccups in future with sleep regressions, lifestyle etc, I am confident I’ve been provided the best knowledge to get through them and continue our healthy sleep journey. The training isn’t only for the child but for the parent too. I know I’ve said it so much but thank you Phoebie.

Kellie, Sydney

Audrey 13 months

Phoebie was a real life saver during a difficult time of new parenthood and sleep deprivation. She came in and adjusted our babies sleeping environment to make sure it was optimal for promoting sleep, she then educated us on awake windows and the importance of wind downs, and then finally gave us some really great tips to help put our baby to sleep. Phoebe was great to work with! Thank you so much for your help!

Marie Jhoy, Sydney

Ava 7 weeks old

Phoebie has been amazing! My daughter was a pretty good sleeper until she hit 6 months old. At now 14 months old I came to the realization this wasn’t a phase. I was almost completely co-sleeping except for a short 3 hour sleep in her cot to start the night and was up 6-10 times to feed or settle her again.
When we implemented Phoebie individualized program, I expected the first week to be hard, but it was surprisingly simple and it worked from the first night. My daughter absolutely flourished with the routine and slept the first week with only 1-3 very short wakes and then sleeping an unbroken 12 hours every night since then. We’ve cut out night feeds completely and she is such a better eater during the day. I regret not getting help sooner as this could have improved the last 8 months of my life
I definitely recommend Phoebie for not only the effectiveness of her techniques but her ability to adjust her program to individual circumstances and parenting styles. Her ongoing support was so helpful and she has made our lives so much better. Thank you so much Phoebie

Kirrilly, Shellharbour

Paige 14 months

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