The holistic sleep approach for babies that will get you thriving in parenthood.

We are your GO-TO Gentle Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant when nothing else works.


The miracle sleep you deserve is waiting for you — and your little one.

We get it.

There’s no manual to parenthood. Let us empower you through our gentle evidence-based sleep approach to develop healthy sleep habits for your baby.

Your little one’s sleep isn’t a luxury — it’s essential for you to feel like yourself.

The sleepless nights, restless naps and struggles with your daily routine.

It’s all too familiar, right?

The struggle is real, and we get it. You’re doing your best, but things just don’t seem to be working out as well for you or your bub lately.

That's why Miracle Dreambaby was born

to lead you on the journey to sleep education and empower you with the knowledge to get your little ones back to counting sheep.

Based on scientific evidence (and lots of our own personal experience), our targeted holistic approach is designed especially with parents like you in mind.

Because as an exhausted parent, you need to know that your baby is in the best hands possible.

We nurture a safe and empowering space for you to improve your little one’s capacity to sleep — from emotionally respectful training methodologies to encouragement practices.


Now that’s a goal we can get behind!

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Don't take it from us


I contacted Phoebie after another night of my 4 month old son waking every 45 minutes to have his dummy put back in to help him get back to sleep. We’d been surviving on sleep like this for what seemed like an eternity. I was always tired, grumpy, argumentative with everyone.


I highly recommend Phoebie! She is amazing at what she does! My 6.5 month old was never a ‘good sleeper’ but from 3 months on he struggled to stay asleep for longer than 30mins at a time. Even at night! This led to us co-sleeping and him being nursed back to sleep every 45mins to an hour during the night and only cat naps during the day.




We know that sleep is an essential part of your life. It helps you remain healthy, emotionally well-balanced and even more importantly — feel capable as a parent!
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We tailor our solutions to meet individual needs

Because no two families have exactly the same situation when it comes down to their routines and goals.

Founded by an experienced Pharmacist turned International Certified Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant with over a decade of experience under her belt, Miracle Dreambaby Founder, Phoebie knows how important it can be for both you and your bub’s mental health to get enough restful ZZZs.

Give your family the gift of restful sleep with our helpful services that will transform not just one life, but the whole family.

We provide a strong healthy sleep foundation and emotional wellbeing training

We provide a strong healthy sleep foundation and emotional wellbeing training for you to step into your power as an intuitive parent and self-led expert in your baby — with us next to you at every step.

You’ll also receive nutritional guidance along with empowering educational tips, so everyone in the house can enjoy their restful night’s slumber again — a necessary relief for everyone!

We cover everything from:

Tips + tricks for settling your newborn
How to deal with crying
How to deal with swaddling
Cat Napping — How to solve it and extending the nap
Learn to reduce your toddler’s night wakings
Encourage healthy nutritional advice
Learn to reduce night feeds (dependent on growth + adjusted ages or development factors)
Tackle early wakings + minimize bedtime resistance
Minimising unhealthy sleep associations
How to teach your little one the positive sleeping skill for an independent day and night’s rest
Tailor healthy sleep habits to aid with correct day & night sleep
Transition from co-sleeping to cot + own room or to toddler bed



Are you dreaming of these results?

That's why Miracle Dreambaby was born