Mothers Group

Are you part of your own mother’s group want to chat with me about your baby’s sleep?

Are you running an event for pregnant mums or mums to be and would like me to be a guest speaker at your event?

All you need is minimum of 4 people in a relaxed setting of your choice.

This package includes:

  • 60 minutes chat about predetermined topics
  • Handouts on topics discussed
  • How can you get into a good routine
  • How much can you expect your baby to sleep
  • How to set up healthy sleep habits that will help to prevent sleep problems in the future and it will set you up for a future of sleep success
  • How to get your baby to sleep well during the day and avoid becoming a cat-napper
  • Good for mothers groups, childcare, babysitters/nannies, parent groups, etc.
  • Standard mileage charges will apply, Sydney areas
  •  Medium  group 10-20 people  AUD 35 per person 
  • Large group 21-50 people AUD 25 per person
  • Customised package for more than 50 people 

AUD 40 per person